THE JOHN M. KELLY LIBRARY SUPPORTS THE TEACHING, RESEARCH AND LEARNING NEEDS of the University of St. Michael’s College. As the University of Toronto’s second-largest library, it has over 305,000 printed volumes plus extensive collections of journals, manuscripts, and DVDs. The Library features a variety of instructional and collaborative spaces — including The Kelly Library Print Studio and Conservation Studio — and individual study and social spaces. Also, the Library hosts exhibits and creates publications, some of which are featured in this Viewbook.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

The Kelly Library Print Studio

The Kelly Library Print Studio is a letterpress print shop where students can gain hands-on experience learning about early and mid-twentieth century letterpress printing. The Print Studio offers various workshops for the St. Michael’s College programs: Book and Media Studies, Medieval Studies, Celtic Studies, and Christianity and Culture.

For more information, please contact Chief Librarian Sheril Hook.

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The Conservation Studio

The Conservation Studio is responsible for maintaining the Library’s 27,000+ pre-1900 books, the official records of the College, and the private papers in our Collections. The Studio hosts various experiential learning opportunities for students in the St. Mike’s Book and Media Studies Program.

For more information, please contact Chief Librarian Sheril Hook.

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Services for Students

The Kelly Library supports learning, teaching, and research, both at the College and at the University of Toronto. From undergraduates writing papers for the first time, to graduate students in theology grappling with primary sources, and professors seeking materials for their areas of expertise, Kelly Library staff work to support engagement with sources, understanding and thinking, and new ideas.

Research and Writing Help

Librarians and writing instructors at the Kelly Library help students one-on-one with understanding assignments, focusing a topic, using sources, developing arguments, achieving clarity, and mastering citations.

One-on-one Personal Librarian Program

Aimed at First Year St. Michael’s undergraduate students and new Basic Degree students in Theology, the Kelly Library Personal Librarian program matches these students with one of four librarians. Throughout the year, students in the program receive regular email updates and encouragement to reach out with any academic questions.

Services for Faculty and Instructors

Subject Librarians

Richard Carter richard.carter@utoronto.ca
College Programs: Celtic Studies, Mediaeval Studies, SMC One: The Boyle Seminar in Scripts and Stories
Language Departments: Germanic Studies

Noel McFerran noel.mcferran@utoronto.ca
College Programs: Christianity and Culture
Faculty of Theology

Remi Pulwer remi.pulwer@utoronto.ca 
Language Departments:Italian Studies, Slavic Studies

James Roussain james.roussain@utoronto.ca 
College Programs: SMC One: The Gilson Seminar in Faith and Ideas, Book and Media Studies
Language Departments:  French Studies

Kelly InfoExpress

For more than a decade, the Kelly InfoExpress service has hunted down and retrieved articles, books, and other materials for St. Michael’s faculty. Online or in print, if it’s available, we will find it!

Services for Alumni and Fellows

Access to collections [expand on details] with a current U of T library card*. Plus invitations to exclusive workshops, behind-the-scenes tours, and upcoming lectures and exhibits… and more.

*Access to the Kelly Library is temporarily suspended for Alumni and Fellows in keeping with current Toronto Public Health Guidelines.

Friends of the Kelly Library

Our Spaces

Kelly Library by the Numbers

The John M. Kelly Library at St. Michael’s College.

When a recent survey of students, faculty, staff, and alumni asked, “Which community/venue makes you feel most engaged in life at St. Mike’s?” close to 40% of respondents offered Kelly as their answer, beating out all other prime campus locations.


Largest Federated College Library

The John M. Kelly Library is the largest federated college library (in terms of both size and collection) and ranks fourth in size on the St. George campus.


Printed Volumes

Plus extensive collections of journals, manuscripts, and DVDs.


Personal Librarians

Kelly Personal Librarians offer one-on-one support for research and library related questions for first-year St. Mike’s students and Faculty of Theology students


Subject Librarians

The library’s subject librarians support faculty and instructors in the SMC Programs, offering course-related instruction and assignment consultation


Pre-1900 antique books

Plus rare books, the official records of the College, and the private papers in our Collections


Kelly Library welcomes 390,000 students through its doors

On an average year.


Square meters of instructional, collaborative and individual study spaces

Plus, the Kelly Cafe is a friendly place to grab a snack!

11 million

Students have access to more than 11-million print and online resources at the UofT Libraries