Add or remove an image from The Donovan Collection

Scroll down to “Donovan Collection” in the left black nav bar. Hover over the building (or Installation: Carr Hall, or Brennan Hall, or Founders House etc. that you want to add to.

(Note – After you have successfully added an image to Brennan Hall that had originally appeared in Carr Hall or Kelly or Odette, then you need to go into the original “Installation: Carr Hall” gallery and delete the image by clicking on the “x”. )

Click the first image in the gallery – that will allow the gallery dialogue box shown below to appear.

Then, click the pencil to edit the gallery.

Click the “pencil icon” to edit a gallery.

Always press the blue button “UPDATE GALLERY” and then close the modal window “x”

Add a caption, alt tag and description to an existing image in The Donovan Collection

Open an image from the Donovan folder

Select image from Donovan folder e.g. “carr”

Input the caption to the following input boxes below: Alternative text, Caption, and Description