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Celebrating the Kelly Library’s 50 Years: Spaces, Community, Collections, and Innovation

The Kelly Library at 50

IN 1969 THE JOHN M. KELLY LIBRARY had just opened its doors, drawing the College’s print collections into a modern space for a modern time. The brutalist architecture still looms, but the inside is warm and welcoming – a space for learning and growth. There are expert staff, exemplary faculty, and enquiring students – a shared community of inspiration and creation. We have three floors of resources, analogue and digital, on shelves and screens – a collection to draw local and international knowledge seekers. Here are compelling exchanges, original research, quiet study, and splendid studios – an environment to support innovation in our community and our services.


  • January to December 2019

Curated by

  • Jessica Barr
  • Constance Lewin
  • Noel McFerran

Designed by

  • Sheila Eaton

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Then and Now

Our 50th Anniversary Themes

The Kelly Library at 50: A Retrospective of Our Future

Spaces, community, collections, and innovation shape our future as they shaped our past.


A quiet place to study, a spot to grab a coffee, and room to grow and learn: this is our space, offering a warm environment and a wealth of academic inspiration


Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and all those looking for a place to study, socialize, or relax: this is our library community, the reason we are here


Books, journals, photographs, manuscripts, and all manner of digital and analogue resources: these are our collections, capturing your interest and igniting your imagination.


Developing new services to support our community, preserving our collections, and drawing on the present to create our future: this is innovation, piloting the library forward into the next 50 years.

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