James Roussain

Archivist, Outreach and Instruction

Following his graduation with an MI from the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto, James worked as an Archives and Corporate Records Archivist for the Scotiabank Records and Information Management Office. There he was a primary contact for ensuring business units met their archival responsibilities, to which end he developed education initiatives and conducted training sessions in addition to his development and processing responsibilities.

Prior to his work in the banking sector, James worked with academic archives at both the University of Toronto Archives and the Trinity College Archives. This engendered in him an interest in personal manuscripts and he looks forward to furthering this interest while working with the Kelly’s collections.

In addition to a long history of volunteer work with the Association of Canadian Archivists, spanning his student days to the present, James is currently serving as the president of the Toronto Area Archivists’ Group (aao-archivists.ca/taag).

James Roussain, Archivist, Outreach and Instruction
James Roussain, Archivist, Outreach and Instruction