With over 27,000 pre-1900 books, the official records of the College, and the private papers of illustrious figures in our special collections, the John M. Kelly Library has the responsibility to ensure their continued accessibility and use. With this in mind, the Library developed and built the Conservation Studio in order to preserve and conserve our collections. This exhibit focused on materials that are housed in the Kelly Library, and explored methods of conservation that could ensure the longevity of these materials.

The Conservation Studio opened on February 28, 2017 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony (list participants) and a lecture by alumus (name and title of lecture).

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February ‎28 to
June 30, 2017

Curated by

Designed by

Sheila Eaton

The Conservation Studio Supports St. Mike’s Learning and Teaching Mission

The bright and spacious (sq feet?) Conservation Studio features [add list of features and interesting facts] and serves as an experiential learning centre for Book and Media Studies students. Students learned about bookbinding, signature sewing [need an accurate description] and participated in sewing the chapbooks for the Cumhdach imprint. The Kelly Library also hosts conservation-related lectures and tours for students, alumni and guests.


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