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15th Century Letterpress Meets 20th Century Digital

CUMHDACH IS A POEM IN IRISH AND ENGLISH written by Máirtín Coilféir, an assistant professor at Concordia University, and designed and printed as a chapbook by Deborah Barnett, the College’s Printer. Wrapped in sheep’s vellum from Pergamena in Montgomery, New York, and produced in three letterpress inks and a blind impression with a laser-cut and etched cover, Cumhdach is available in a numbered edition of 52 copies signed by the author. The papers are made from cotton at La Papeterie St-Armand in Québec.


  • November 11, 2019

Created by

  • Deborah Barnett
  • Máirtín Coilféir

Photos by

  • Sheila Eaton

What is a Cumhdach?

Cumhdach = /’KOO-dachk/

  1. To build, construct, or compose;
  2. To protect, support, help, or defend;
  3. A cover, a case, or a shrine;
  4. To adorn or ornament something, or the ornament itself;
  5. To embellish or heighten language.

Adapted from: eDIL s.v. cumtach

Finishing Touches

St. Michael’s Book and Media students learn the art of saddle stitch bookbinding.
Students collaborate with Kelly Library staff to sew Cumhdach signatures.

From Cumhdach

By Máirtín Coilféir

  • faoi chasadh an chéid dhom
  • Le cúram a chrochainn
  • ar thairne sa mballa é
  • Le dúshlán na luchóg a thabhairt
  • Sula dtéinn an athuair síos
  • ar mo ghogaide ag breacadh
  • Mo chuidse den scrioptúr
  • le taobh na mbráithre
  • Is thíos dom mar sin ag adhradh
  • roimh mhála ar foluain
  • Ba é chloisinn dá shioscadh ná
  • tiacha m’fhearainn fhéin i gcéin –
  • at the century’s turn
  • I’d hang it just so
  • from a nail in the wall
  • (To spite all the mice)
  • Before I’d go hunkers again
  • And take up my work
  • On my copy of scripture
  • Alongside my brothers
  • And when I’d be
  • down in a crouch
  • All aprayer in front
  • of the hovering bag
  • What I’d hear in its rustle
  • were hides from my home –

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