About this Exhibit

It’s 1969 and the John M. Kelly Library has just opened its doors, drawing the college’s scattered print collections into a modern space for a modern time. 

The brutalist architecture may loom, but the inside is warm and welcoming – a space for learning and growth. There are expert staff, exemplary faculty, and enquiring students – a shared community of inspiration and creation.

We have three floors of resources, analogue and digital, on shelves and screens – a collection to draw both local and international seekers of knowledge. Here are compelling exchanges, original research, quiet study, and splendid studios – an environment to support innovation in our community and our services.

It’s 2019 and the John M. Kelly Library is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. Some things have changed, and some endure. Gone are the ashtrays, detached long ago from the Italian-made chairs, which remain, albeit in new colours.

Spaces, community, collections, and innovation: these four themes will shape our future as they shaped our past. 


A quiet place to study, a spot to grab a coffee, and room to grow and learn: this is our space, offering a warm environment and a wealth of academic inspiration


Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and all those looking for a place to study socialize, or relax: this is our library community, the reason we are here..


Books, journals, photographs, manuscripts, and all manner of digital and analogue resources: these are our collections, capturing your interest and igniting your imagination.


Developing new services to support our community, preserving our collections, and drawing on the present to create our future: this is innovation, piloting the library forward into the next 5ee0 years.


January to
December 2019

Curated by

Designed by

Sheila Eaton

A Year to Remember

The Kelly Library’s 50th Anniversary Celebration opened with the Canadian Fine Press Exhibition and the launch of “A Tetrad” and wrapped up with lectures by Anthony de Sa and Sheril Hook.

Giveaways included tote bags, bookmarks, and water bottles and more.

To the next 50 Years!